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50s Costume Hire

Revisit this prosperous decade with our 50s costumes for hire. We have a huge range of outfits reflecting the many facets of this time in history – from conservative and classic to wild rock n roller! Take a look through our catalogue and give us a call, or submit an online form for more information about any of our ensembles!

A lot was going on in the 1950s, and this is reflected in its fashions. The beginning of the decade saw the rise of classic, conservative dressing as people returned to simple “family” values and gender roles. Women’s clothing blended this conservatism with an ultra-feminine glamour, reflected in full skirts, cinched-in waists and generous busts. Men’s clothing tended towards boxy suits in darker colours, sweaters and, of course, the ever-present fedora.

Towards the second half of the decade the rise of the teenager and the birth of rock n’ roll produced a style all of its own: poodle skirts and bobby socks, leather jackets and greased quiffs.

We have a range of 50s costumes for hire – browse the section today!