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1960s Fancy Dress Hire

Take a trip back to the swinging 60s with our 1960s fancy dress hire. Whether you want to be a mod, a hippy or an elegant Jackie O, we’ll have something to suit you. Take a look through our small online sample or come in to our store in central Melbourne to talk with our staff and see for yourself!

After the uptight 50s, the 1960s was a time of sweeping change, both socially and sartorially. As the “baby-boomer” generation came of age, they wanted to shape the world in their own image – and that included the way they dressed. This led to brighter colours for both men and women, shorter skirts – the mini skirt was the shortest it could possibly get! – and the use of innovative materials like vinyl, polyester and PVC. Clothes became vibrant, comfortable, unrestrictive and even outrageous, by the standards of previous generations. Towards the end of the decade the hippy movement began to make an impact, bringing influences from India and Africa, tie-dye, sandals and decoration of clothes with beads and fringes.