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70s Fancy Dress Hire

The 70s was the era of extremes – bell-bottom jeans, super-stacked platform shoes, gold lame disco suits, punks’ ripped t-shirts and safety pins. It also saw the birth of a host of pop culture icons – Star Wars, Clockwork Orange and Las Vegas Elvis. Take a trip to this fun and gaudy decade with our 70s fancy dress hire. These listings are just a mere taste of the treasure troves we have in store – give us a call or come in for a visit and browse the racks!

In the 1970s, all fashion hell broke loose – the decade when clothing became an increasingly colourful expression of individual choice. Both sexes had unprecedented sartorial freedom – women could wear pants whenever they liked, and wear their skirts long short or in between. Meanwhile men were freed from the tyranny of the jacket, suit and tie. Both wore bright colours of every shade –some might even say eye-bleedingly bright.

For the best 70s fancy dress hire in Melbourne, come and visit our store!