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80s Costumes

The 1980s, known as the ‘Me decade’ is one of the most recognisable eras of fashion. Its catchphrase should have been ‘go big or go home’ with everything larger than life: hair, earrings, and makeup. It’s fun theme to dress to and we’ve got all the 80s costumes you need for your Melbourne dress up party.

As the decade that saw the rise of the yuppie, corporate wear became a fashion statement in its own right with ‘power suits’ using shoulder pads to create big, boxy silhouettes. On the glam-dressing side, shiny materials were popular as were embellishments like bows and ruffles. The rise in work-out culture led to people incorporating sweats, leg-warmers and leotards into their every day wear.

Music stars had a significant impact on clothing trends, too. New Romantic pushed an androgynous, angular, made-up aesthetic. Pop stars like Cyndi Lauper had a flashy, colourful multi-layered look, while hip-hop stars wore gold chains and branded sportswear. Finally, hair metal encouraged ripped jeans, leather, spandex and massively teased hair.

When it comes to this decade, there’s a huge range of looks to choose from, and we have something for each of them with our stock of 80s costumes for hire in Melbourne. Browse our small online selection or come and check it all out in store!