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Born from an egg on a mountain top...The nature of Monkey was - Irrepressible!

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Monkey Magic Costume

Born from an egg on a mountain top…The nature of Monkey was – Irrepressible!


Recreate the quirky charm of the cult Japanese show from the late 70s and channel this boisterous character with our Monkey Magic costume! Monkey was irrepressible all right – a skilled fighter who ends up king of a monkey tribe, he went on to proclaim himself a “Great Sage, Equal of Heaven”. He’s asked to join the Heavenly Host, but foolishly they entrust him as Keeper of the Peach Garden of Immortality. Of course, he eats a whole bunch of peaches, becomes immortal and runs amok. As a result he is imprisoned under a mountain for 500 years to learn patience – but even this lesson isn’t quite enough, as we see by his antics in the television show (and the book, “Journey to the West” by Wu Cheng’en).


Capture that Monkey magic for yourself in our costume and be the life and soul of the party! Just don’t overdo it and end up imprisoned by a mountain...