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90s Costume Hire

Fancy Dress Costumes has got everything you need for 90s costume hire. Give us a call or come in and see us for expert fancy dress help!

The most recognisable clothing trend of the 90s was grunge, a rebellion against fashion that became a fashion in its own right. This style was characterised by ripped, baggy jeans, loose t-shirts, Doc Marten boots and, of course, the flannel shirt. Women could wear this also, along with baby doll dresses and multicoloured petticoats worn over pants. Hair was long for both sexes. The most famous exponents of this look were of course Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, the King and Queen of grunge.

If grunge isn’t your thing for 90s costume hire, there are other very recognisable icons from the decade, such as the Spice Girls, particularly Ginger Spice with her now era-defining Union Jack minidress. Austin Powers was also popular, and we have a whole range of character costumes from the films.  Xena Warrior Princess is another 90s icon who can storm the party, and we even have our own home-grown Kath of Kath and Kim if you want to represent for 90s Australia!