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Disney Costumes

Disney is a giant in the world of fantasy, creating its own iconic characters and adapting existing ones in its own inimitable style for over 90 years. With one of the largest and best-known film studios in the world and a huge appeal to the imagination, Disney’s characters are recognised and loved by people everywhere. Ditch the everyday world and enter the Magic Kingdom with our Disney costumes for hire in Melbourne!

We have a comprehensive range of costumes for both animated and live action characters. Our collection extends from old classics like Snow White – the company’s first full-length feature film – to more contemporary ones such as Shrek. You can pay homage to a childhood favourite or a grown-up one! Disney has such a huge stable of characters and there are so many to choose from; it also offers great possibilities for couple or group-themed costumes as well.

Browse our small online selection here and send us an online enquiry. Or, if you’d like to find out what other Disney costumes we have for hire at our store in Central Melbourne, give us a call or come in and see them in person!