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Hollywood Costumes

The word “Hollywood” conjures up associations of glamour, celebrity, and all the magic of the movies. Images on the movie screen are larger than life and somehow “more” than what you see day-to-day – more beautiful or handsome, more dramatic, full of heroes and villains, dangers and paradises. Become a part of this glittering world with our Hollywood costumes for hire in Melbourne.

“Glamour” means a spell cast on someone to alter their perception of a person or place into something other than it is. With Hollywood’s rise, this term became associated with the movies, which used illusion to tell stories. It also became attached to movie stars – god-like onscreen, while off-screen they seemed wrapped in elegance and mystery and beyond the reach of normal mortals. Who hasn’t sometimes wanted to be inside their favourite movie, or on the red carpet getting their picture taken?

With our Hollywood costumes for hire in Melbourne, you can cast your own spell and annex your own piece of movie magic. Revisit the glamour of Old Hollywood with a beautiful gown, go somewhere over the rainbow as Judy Garland, or become a blue warrior with an Avatar costume – and these options are just the beginning. Browse a sample of our range online or give us a call to see what else we have in stock – you won’t be disappointed!