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Horror Costumes

Whether you’re attending a Halloween party or just like to be a thriller, our range of horror costumes will be sure to have them screaming with delight!

From classic icons such as the Mummy to more modern figures like Edward Scissorhands, our costumes cover the whole gamut of the genre. We also have outfits that can be worn in themed pairs such as Jack Skellington and Sally, or Harry Potter and Voldemort. We can even cater for groups with collections like our Addams Family range.

We also stock a large range of make-up and accessories that can help you produce a truly ghoulish effect, from bolts through the neck and fanged teeth to gaping wounds and dripping blood – these things can really put your ensemble over the top!

If there’s a character you want in particular that you can’t see on this page, just give us a call on (03) 9670 1765 and we’ll see if we have it in store. Make your fancy dress a real Fright Night with our horror costumes and accessories!