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Medieval Costumes

The Medieval era – a time of knights and damsels, swords and sorcery, and dragons – takes us back to a place full of romance and adventure. Jousting competitions, village feasts, bands of merry men living in the forest – this period is a huge touchstone of cultural reference and looms large in our imaginations. Get ‘Middle Aged’ with our medieval costumes for hire in Melbourne and let the feasting begin!

Lords and ladies, peasants and priests, knights and princes and kings and queens – the Medieval era is populated by a cast of thousands, all with their own roles to explore. Ladies can enjoy the grace of long, sweeping floor length gowns while men are provided with tunics, tights and armour. And we’ll let you in on a secret – the clothing of this period is not only very cool, it’s also surprisingly comfortable! (Unless you decide to wear a hair-shirt underneath, for religious authenticity.)

It’s also got a surprisingly wide range of applications. Every year brings further variations on the theme, from Monty Python’s Knights of the Holy Grail to HBO’s Game of Thrones , so our Medieval costumes for hire in Melbourne can be adapted to suit many purposes.