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In a galaxy far, far away...

For many of us, those words send a tingle down our spines. The first film was released in 1977, and became an instant pop-culture phenomenon. An epic space odyssey - essentially, a Western set in the final frontier - it focused on the age-old story of the battle between good and evil; in this case the Jedi and the Sith.

At Fancy Dress Costumes, we have Star Wars Costumes for hire so you can enter the world of the Galactic Empire (or Galactic Republic, depending on which trilogy you’re dressing for). Choose from a range of characters. For example: on the Rebel Alliance side, we have Obi-Wan, complete with blue light saber, Han Solo, and Queen Amidala for the new-school ladies. Representing the evil Empire are the deliciously corrupt Jabba the Hutt and world-class traitor Lando Calrissian – and many, many more in our central city store. Give us a call if there’s a particular character you are looking for, or come on in and have a look through the racks yourself – we have a universe of characters, making Fancy Dress Costumes the place to go in Melbourne to hire Star Wars costumes.