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Wig Hire

A wig can be the finishing touch that takes your whole costume to the next level – or even the centrepiece of your entire look. Complete your fancy dress outfit with our wig hire service in Melbourne.

A wig can be completely transformative – you may be surprised at how different you can look simply by changing your hair. For some celebrities and characters, their hair is their defining feature, for example, Boy George’s multi-coloured braids in the 80s, or Amy Winehouse’s towering bouffant. Some historical periods involve quite specific hairstyles, such as 1920s bobs – but you probably don’t want to get a haircut for just night! In this case, a wig is the perfect solution. Other periods actually require them specifically, such as the 16th and 17th centuries when nobles wore powdered wigs as a matter of course.

We have a wide selection of wigs of every colour and style, so you’ll never have to leave your costume unfinished!